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"My passion is connection. Connection with our universe, earth but most importantly connection with people and emotion. There is nothing more exciting to me than capturing a moment of true expression. An expression that tells a story that will live forever. Stories that are captured with my vision and reflect my heart. This is my journey and my calling to share my perspective with others. Connection is my biggest gift and I am lucky to be able to share it with others.” 

-May Levy

May was born in Houston, Tx. and moved to Israel when she was nine years old. Her career in the arts began after leaving the military and Israel at the age of twenty. From 2006 to 2011, she traveled to twenty-five countries and captured the movements of the world. Gifted with the talent as a photo documentarian, a digital artist, and a channel; it is her distinct pleasure to share her travels with others. Most rewarding is the joy that comes from touching people's hearts as it truly gives meaning to the human condition existence, meaning, and purpose.  You can find her work displayed in galleries, restaurants, and cafes across the globe. May is a wanderlust by nature and can also be found across the nation exhibiting her work in a wide range of Fine Art Shows and Music Festivals, and in her spare time gliding across the earth following the light and timeless moments that capture her heart and unique eye.

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